Cathedral Trust

The Christ Church Cathedral Trust Fund was established in 1965, for the "perpetual support and for the benefit of Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa or its works". The Cathedral Trust supports the full range of the Cathedral's ministry. A well-endowed trust fund is essential to sustain the Cathedral's ministry - to improve it, to expand it, and take it into the future. 

Income and capital gains from the Fund are provided to the Parish for capital projects and current operations selected by The Cathedral Corporation and approved by Vestry. Annual disbursements for the Cathedral's operating budget have typically been in the range of $15,000 to $30,000 since the mid-1990s. 

Over the same period, contributions toward capital projects have been more substantial - approaching $1 million in all. The largest contribution from the Trust's capital - $600,000 in 2002 - enabled an essential restoration of historical Lauder Hall and construction of a new 'Link' corridor and cloister. This project, marking the centennial of the Cathedral, made the Cathedral buildings fully accessible, functional and inviting as a centre of ministry in the Nation's Capital. Since the mid-1990s, other payments totalling more than $300,000 have been made from the Trust's capital to refinance Cathedral obligations and to enable various upgrades and repairs to the Cathedral premises. 

The Cathedral Trust may also provide bridge financing or loans for parish initiatives. For example, a stand-by loan provision has been made for many years as annual support to the work of the Restoration Committee. 

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