Summer Reflections with Canon Doug Richards

Welcome to my mini-retreat series of podcasts. In total there are three recordings in this series.   

I invite to listen to these audio files as if they are a retreat. As you begin, spend a few minutes in quiet and let go of the cares and concerns of the world around you. 

Then quietly say this prayer:  

O God, in the course of this busy life
give us times of refreshment and peace;
and grant that we may so use this quiet time
to rebuild our bodies and renew our minds
that our spirits may be opened
to the goodness of your creation;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  

Spend a few more minutes in silence and then listen to the recording.  

When you have completed the recording, spend some time in quiet, reflecting on what you have heard. 

Think about what they are speaking to you and how the message is challenging you to grow. 

  • How do you respond to the message? 
  • Is the message asking you to grow in your understanding of your relationship with yourself, the community around you and with God?  

Take your time.  There is no need to rush. 

Leave some time between each of the recordings to ponder the message that they have for you.  

Thank you for taking time to listen to my reflections on the book written by Henri Nouwen, “Can You Drink the Cup?” 


Podcast I

Podcast II

Podcast III