Compass Rose Society

Community involvement is one of our Cathedral’s most important ministries, encompassing all our efforts to serve others locally, nationally and internationally. One element of this outreach ministry is our membership in the Compass Rose Society, which we joined in 2014.

Compass Rose was founded in 1994 to support the global outreach ministries of the Archbishop of Canterbury through mission, education and ecumenical work. The society also supports the work of the Anglican Consultative Council, which directs the goals and activities of the Anglican Communion, particularly its communications activities. Compass Rose has made donations to these causes of more than $12 million since it was founded, all made possible through the initial and annual sustaining gifts of its members.

Membership in Compass Rose requires an initial fee of $10,000. Representatives of member organizations are invited to the annual meeting in the United Kingdom. It features a business session with prominent speakers from the Communion, a dinner, a group audience and worship with Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. Society members can join visits and study trips to various parts of the Anglican Communion. We also receive subscriptions to the society’s newsletter, The Compass Rose Communicator and Anglican World magazine.

In 2014 a decision was taken to establish a Cathedral Chapter of the Compass Rose Society. The funds for membership were quickly raised, and the Cathedral Chapter, with about a dozen members, was officially established. 

In 2016 the Cathedral voted to contribute $2,500 as our annual contribution. We made a further donation of $1,100 to the Bishop Ackon Eye Centre on Ghana’s Cape Coast, much appreciated, according to Bruce Chambers, the treasurer of the Canadian Compass Rose Society. 

The Cathedral Chapter welcomes new members. For information about joining or supporting Compass Rose financially, please contact Elizabeth Taylor by calling the Cathedral office.  

For more information about the work of the Compass Rose Society, click here