Refugee Sponsorship

First Family The Cathedral Refugee Sponsorship Group (CRSG) has successfully concluded its official sponsorship of a first family in February of 2017. The family has six members – parents, two daughters and two sons. With the expiration of the official sponsorship and the cessation of the CRSG’s monetary support after February 2017, the committee ensured the family smoothly transitioned to government funding (Ontario Works) while they continued to pursue their English language training.  All the children attend school. The family has purchased a van and is now able to more easily participate in community and recreational activities further from their home. More recently the father has successfully gained full-time employment.  Although the CRSG no longer provides financial support, they continue to provide a circle of helpful friends as well as ethical hands on support and will continue to do so as long as it is welcomed by the family.       

Second Refugee Family Status To fulfil its mandate, the CRSG, with the consent of the funders, agreed it had sufficient funds to bring another Syrian Refugee family to Ottawa. The first family was consulted about who of their relatives they would like CRSG to sponsor and a second family, currently refugees in Lebanon, was chosen. The process of making application and scheduling the required screening steps has been undertaken and this family is now expected to arrive in September 2018. The CRSG is now busy with preparatory activities, securing accommodation, soliciting donations of household furniture and effects, etc.

We are very grateful to the cathedral community for their continued support.   

For more information about the Refugee work of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa click here.