The Right Reverend John H. Chapman

9th Bishop of Ottawa

It is my honour to welcome you to our Cathedral Church. 

Christ Church Cathedral is our living and vibrant symbol of the ministry and witness of Christ in our Diocese, the world and, the capital of this wonderful country of Canada. Pilgrims throughout the world make pilgrimage to this historic and holy site; artistry, beauty and the soft echo of joyful and mournful prayer greet visitors as they enter the doors of our sanctuary for quiet, respite or liturgical prayer. 

The Bishop's Cathedra (chair) stands prominently in the sanctuary, marking the Cathedral as a place of teaching, deep study and holy preaching. This ministry is of course shared with the Dean and the Cathedral staff, along with guest teachers and preachers representing the spectrum of the Christian tradition, as well as the diverse and rich spiritual traditions of our human community. The Cathedra symbolizes for the Diocese and the global church the bonds of communion within the Anglican tradition that link Dioceses throughout the world and, our historic link to the apostolic tradition which we have inherited from the apostles of Jesus. 

Day after day, Sunday upon Sunday the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed. As well, mindful of the central role and place of our Cathedral in the capital and as the nexus from which our diocesan and Anglican ministry is expressed, the gospel is preached to the world - the gospel that proclaims justice for all human beings, reconciliation in place of conflict, tenderness rather than aggression, peace not violence. It is a strong, forceful yet elegant and gentle ministry that emanates from this historic yet current building. 

Christ Church Cathedral is home to our Diocese. It is home to citizens of this country. It is home to all who find themselves led to this sacred site. Welcome, and may the peace of Christ be with you as you explore the ministry and people of Ottawa's Cathedral Church. May your lives be enriched and your relationship with God deepened. 

+ John Ottawa       

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