The Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa Endowment program is a pool of capital gifts and bequests, whose income provides a source of revenue for the ministry and operations of the Cathedral. Donations to the endowment program provide funds by way of the interest and dividends. The capital is retained to ensure predicatable revenue for the future.

The Cathedral Trusts include three portfolios: Ministry, Music, and Restoration. Donations to the trusts include extraordinary amounts that are open to use of the capital if needed for special projects within the designation provided.

The cathedral endowment and trusts were created by the church on the base of notable initial gifts by parishioners. All funds are controlled by policies established by the Cathedral Corporation and Vestry. Donors can specify a particular use for their donations; or, they can contribute to the fund in general. 

All funds are in need of substantial contributions. Why should you consider donating to the Cathedral Endowment or Trusts? 

Benefits to the Cathedral include: a regular source of annual income; a special source of income that can be used to launch new ministries or expand existing programs and activities; a growing capital base to provide security and stability for the Cathedral's longer-term survival. 

Benefits to you? Of course, these will be personal to you. They may include: enhanced support of a ministry or program that is particularly important to you; a stronger sense of personal involvement and ownership in the parish; a lasting legacy in the Cathedral - a living legacy and a memorial legacy; an enduring thanksgiving or tribute or memorial to the Cathedral, or your family, or a special person.

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