Sunday School

Run by a small, but dedicated, group of parents who share the responsibility of implementing programming for the children of the parish, the Sunday School program follows a regular structure.

Our space is colourful and inviting, with lots of activities for free time play. Attendance can be anywhere from three to seventeen children, ranging in age from three to twelve years, so it is difficult to describe a “typical” Sunday School morning!

We generally begin each gathering with a teacher-led lesson on the Gospel reading.  This includes a myriad of hands-on experiences, such as reading directly from a children’s Bible, reading relevant stories, acting out skits and singing thematic songs. The lesson is usually followed by a craft to consolidate the main Gospel message. Before the children are led upstairs to join the rest of the congregation in time for Communion, we pray the Lord’s Prayer together in both English and French. 

Sunday School is a calming and peaceful moment for the group and prepares the children for the solemnity of the Eucharist. Our Sunday School is a happy place where children can expect to feel welcome and have some fun while they learn about Jesus’ message of love and respect for all.