The clergy and the pastoral care team take God’s comfort to those most in need, whether by a special blessing at the communion rail, or a visit at home or in a hospital.

Programs & Activities

  • Prayer
  • Counsel & Counselling
  • Care & Comfort
  • Personal Contact: Calls & Visits
  • Holy Communion
  • Spiritual Direction
Through the Pastoral Care ministry, cathedral clergy, specially-trained lay personnel and volunteers support people dealing with all types of challenges, difficult situations and crises. 

The Pastoral Care ministry delivers programs and support actions - for individuals, families and groups - for youth, adults and seniors. 

Prayer, care and counsel are provided to support people through difficulties related to relationship, family, emotional, spiritual, health, bereavement, and job/job-loss challenges. 

The clergy and Pastoral Care volunteers pray with and for fellow parishioners. A prayer list is compiled by the clergy; a group of prayer intercessors prays daily for people on that list. 

Calls and visits are made to people who are alone or isolated, ill, or unable to travel to the cathedral for worship and fellowship. Visits are made to homes, retirement residences, nursing homes and hospitals. To share Christmas and Easter joy, flowers are delivered to those parishioners not able to participate in services at the Cathedral. 

Holy Communion is brought to parishioners. And, parishioners who are not physically able to attend the cathedral on a regular basis are brought to the Cathedral for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving 'Back Home' Eucharists... followed by lunch and a period of fellowship. 

The Pastoral Care Ministry's programs encourage access by people in want or need of support. However, the ministry is ultimately unprogrammed as it addresses the unique and highly personal needs of those who call upon it.