Lenten Resources


We have gathered a number of resources we hope you will enjoy and share during this lenten season. These resources are sourced from saltproject.org

Into the Wild: A Family-Friendly Devotional on Henri Matisse and the Season of Lent

The Season of Lent is a walk into the wild, a 40-day adventure filled with wild beasts, wild love, beauties, challenges, visions – and bold, bright colors.

In this family-friendly Lenten devotional full of Scripture, art, and activities, we take this adventure with Henri Matisse, one of the most daring and beloved artists in modern history. From his childhood in northern France to what he called his “masterpiece,” the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, Matisse explored faith and wildness throughout his life.

CLICK HERE to download Into the Wild.

Understanding the Cross: A Home-Based Holy Week Devotional on Jesus’ “Seven Last Words”

The cross is everywhere: inside sanctuaries and atop church steeples, in jewelry and art, tattoos and logos, billboards and graffiti. But what does the cross actually mean? How should we understand it?

In this devotional, we explore seven ways of looking at the cross, using as points of entry Jesus’ traditional “seven last words.” Taken together, these different lines of sight create a complementary whole, as well as a reminder that there is no single “right answer” to what the cross means for us today. To approach the cross is to embark upon a lifetime of contemplation and struggle, inquiry and insight, wonder and praise.

Each day of the week, Sunday to Saturday, includes simple devotional service: a biblical reading, a reflection, and an opening and closing prayer. A circle of candles (tealights, for example) is extinguished, one by one, as we approach Good Friday - and the empty tomb of Easter morning.

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