Lenten Resources

We have gathered a number of resources we hope you will enjoy and share during this lenten season. These resources are sourced from saltproject.org

Breaking Chains - A Family-Friendly Lenten Devotional

Like the ancient story of the Exodus, Lent is a journey from captivity to freedom. From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday (not including Sundays, "mini-Easters" anticipating the big day!), the 40 days of Lent are set aside to help us increase the freedom in our lives. To tell the truth about ourselves and our world, to change our hearts and our ways, and to participate in God's
work of breaking chains of injustice, apathy, violence, despair - even the chains of death itself!
"Breaking the Chains" is an engaging, family-friendly, creative Lenten resource, inviting all of us to let words of Scripture and daily practices of liberation be our guides through this mysterious season. Each day, break a link in the paper chain (purple links for the 40 days of Lent, and white links for the seven Sundays) and practice resurrection. Take part in God's chainbreaking, art-making, world-changing grace - all the way to the joyful freedom of Easter morning!

CLICK HERE to download Lenten Paper Chains

Love Build Up - A Family Challenge

For each of the six weeks of Lent, spend some time at the beginning of the week (Sunday night, maybe?) reading the Bible passage together. Talk as a family about that week’s topic, using the enclosed conversation prompts if that helps. Commit to taking on an action or practice from that week, then just watch as the Realm of God fills, strengthens, and beautifies your house and the world!

CLICK HERE to download Love Builds Up 2021

Practicing Lent - the journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday

Six weekly Lenten practices designed to deepen your journey through the 40 days of lengthening light. Practice these alone or with a partner, friends or family, sharing your experiences and insights.

CLICK HERE to download Practicing Lent 2021.