The Music Ministry, primarily a Worship ministry, contributes significantly to all areas of Cathedral ministry and is a distinguishing component of the Cathedral's offering and reputation. 

The Music Ministry is dedicated to advancing excellence in sacred music. Its full and unique complement demonstrates that dedication.We are inheritors of an important tradition of music-making at Christ Church Cathedral - one that is unique in Canada. 
The ministry to young people through the art of music is of particular note. Music has been, and continues to be, a gateway to a life of faithful service through which the boy and girl choristers enter. Through the music they make, they encounter God, and grow in knowledge of God's grace. This relationship with God informs their individual and community life. 

The people of the Cathedral strongly support this ministry, which is in a very large sense rooted in custom and tradition. At the same time, it is always made new by welcoming new members of the community every year. Together, we celebrate our mutual love of music through our communal expression of praise.