Josephine Hall
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Welcome to COVID Communiqué 12. It’s a short one this week: folks here at the diocese are working away on all the questions we’ve received. We plan to start posting answers soon, but we’re not quite ready to do that yet. Meanwhile, as we mentioned last week, many of the questions we’re getting are actually answered in the COVID-19 plan. It’s not surprising if you missed something—there was an awful lot to take in. Also, it’s often when you start working on something that what you’ve read begins to resonate. Either way, you may well find a re-read is a good idea—don’t hesitate to go back to the original (found here: whenever you need to.

If you missed the Zoom briefing on the plan held July 15, or are getting questions yourself about the pandemic plan, you may want to refer to the online presentation (found here: And of course, contact [email protected] if you have further questions or if there’s something we’ve overlooked or got wrong.

COVID Communiqué is produced by the senior staff of the diocese:

Shane Parker, Bishop
Linda Hill, Executive Archdeacon
Sanjay Grover, Director of Financial Ministry
Peter John Hobbs, Director of Community Ministries
Jane Scanlon, Director of Stewardship Development
Carol Sinclair, Director of Human Resources