Josephine Hall
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Hello and welcome to COVID Communiqué 55. There’s good news in numbers: Quebec reported just 209 new cases on Tuesday, and Ontario’s 699 new cases was the lowest daily total in months. If trends continue, shifts in Ontario’s restrictions are expected mid-month. Quebec is moving steadily ahead with reopening. As well, Ontario announced late last week that 65% of adults have received at least one dose of a vaccine and Quebec announced June 1 that 61% of its population has had one dose. 

All this, after much suffering, is much to be thankful for. For one thing, it means we can begin to move toward reopening ourselves. Next week we’ll release revisions to the pandemic plan that cautiously ease some Red stage restrictions and update Amber and Yellow stages to reflect how understanding of the pandemic and safety measures have evolved. We still need to be patient, and keep our focus on safety, but June is bringing hope. 

Stay safe, encourage each other, and know we will start moving out of these hard times soon. 

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COVID Communiqué is produced by our senior staff:
Shane Parker, Bishop
Beth Bretzlaff, Dean
Linda Hill, Executive Archdeacon
Sanjay Grover, Director of Financial Ministry
Peter John Hobbs, Director of Community Ministries
Jane Scanlon, Director of Communications & Stewardship Development
Carol Sinclair, Director of Human Resources
Michael Garner, Public Health Advisor