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To my dear Sisters and Brothers in faith,

By now many of you will have heard that though the support for the Marriage Canon amendment within the Anglican Church of Canada increased significantly amongst the Laity (81%) and the Clergy (73%) it was insufficient amongst the Bishops (62%) and the amendment was lost on second reading. The recent changes to the composition of the House of Bishops had made this a distinct possibility and I came to Vancouver with trepidation and concern for the outcome of the second reading of the Amendment. Despite this intimation I was stunned when the vote was lost. It was heartbreaking to be in that room and hear the cries of anguish of those rejected yet again by the leadership of the church. This will not be the last word from the ACC on this matter and it will not determine the pastoral practice of Anglican chaplains who hold my liscence. A new Primate is to be elected today and following a briefing of the newly elected Primate I will be issuing a pastoral instruction to the Clergy of the AMO.

For those who are disappointed, and perhaps outraged, by this result I ask you to be of good courage. We need at this time love and patience. I will be sequestered all day today in a room with my 14 colleagues who defeated this opportunity to express love, welcome and acceptance to all of God's beloved people. Please pray for me as I struggle with my own anger and rage at their choice that I might practice what I have commended to you.

Yours in Christ

+ Nigel