Josephine Hall
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Travel the Lenten journey toward Easter morning with several options for devotions!

 Into the Wild: A Family-Friendly Devotional on Henri Matisse, is an adventure with Henri Matisse as he explores faith and wildness throughout his life.

Understanding the Cross: A Home-Based Holy Week Devotional on Jesus’ “Seven Last Words”, seven ways of looking at the cross using Jesus’ traditional “seven last words" are explored.

Tuia Daily Prayer, an app, is based on A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa and offers many customizations and interesting ways of praying daily. ‘Tuia’ is a Te Reo Māori word meaning to thread, to be arm in arm, bind, interlace, woven.

Pray as You Go, online and also an app, offers music, prayers, podcasts and other features. It is great to listen to upon waking or before sleeping.