In 1996, to mark its centennial as a Cathedral, the Canadian Heraldic Authority presented Christ Church Cathedral with its Coat of Arms. 

The white mitre indicates the Cathedral as the Chair (Cathedra) of a Bishop. 

On each side of the mitre are heavenly stars: The work of the church is to lead and bring others to Jesus. 

The blue background signifies the heavens. 

The golden rays of light come from the image of Christ as The Light. 

The red Cross of St. George expresses the roots of the Anglican church. 

On the red cross is a wavy cross. This image is taken from the Cathedral's West Memorial Window. The west-to-east flow is that of the Ottawa River; the north, the Gatineau River; the south, the Rideau River and Canal system. 

At the junction is the sacred monogram of Christ - the letters Chi and Rho, which begin the Greek word for Christ.