Is the Columbarium only for Anglicans? 
The Columbarium is a cemetery for people from all denominations. Anyone who is comfortable with choosing a Christian cemetery as the resting place for their own or a loved one's cremated remains may purchase a niche in the Columbarium. 

How do I purchase a niche?
Arrangements for the purchase of a Columbarium niche can be made by an individual before death, or by the family of the deceased following the death. An appointment is made with the Manager of the Columbarium to complete and sign the appropriate documents and make the selection of a niche. At the time of death, the Manager will assist with the arrangements for the interment. 

What is provided when I purchase a niche?
A Certificate of Interment Rights, a Contract for Purchase of Interment Rights, together with a copy of the Columbarium By-Laws are provided upon the purchase of a niche. Normally copies of these documents are provided to family members at the time of the initial purchase and signing of the contract. The Certificate of Interment Rights will identify the type of niche (single or double) and its location. The price includes the opening and closing of the niche at the time of interment, and one or two engraved brass markers affixed to the niche door. In addition, the price includes an amount which is deposited into a trust fund for perpetual care of the Columbarium. The Columbarium maintains a "Public Register" in accordance with the Cemeteries Act of Ontario. This document contains the name and addresses of every Rights Holder to each purchased niche, and other additional information required by the Act. 

What size are the niches?
There are two sizes of niche. A small size or single niche allows the right to inter one urn (no greater than 10” x 7” x 10”) containing the cremated remains of one person. The large size or double niche allows the right to inter two urns (each no greater than 10” x 5” x 10”) or one double urn (no greater than 10” x 10” x1 0”) with the cremated remains of two people. While urns in the dimensions required for the Columbarium are readily available, it is imperative that all urns be tried for fit at least one week prior to an interment. We would also recommend that the fit is determined before a final purchase has been made. 

How are the niches marked?
All niches have standard brass markers on the front. The engraving on the markers normally include the name of the deceased and the dates of birth and death. Other, personalized engraving is possible but depends on the space available on the standard marker. If no engraving is desired the Board of Management reserves the right to engrave a small Cross on the front to show that it is occupied. The cost of the engraving, as well as the opening and closing of the niche is included in the contract for purchase of interment rights. 

Who do I contact to make arrangements for an interment?
Normally the funeral home you have chosen will contact the Manager of the Columbarium on your behalf to make the arrangements. Alternatively, this contact may be made by a member of the family. 

What must happen prior to an interment?
Interment is permitted in the Columbarium when there is evidence of a contract for purchase of interment rights together with a certificate of interment rights. In addition, a Certificate of Cremation, showing that the death has been registered, must be presented to the Columbarium Manager before an interment can take place. 

Is there a special ceremony at the time of interment?
Normally there is a religious service, often called a service of committal, either according to the rites of the Anglican Church of Canada, or in accordance with the Christian faith of the deceased, provided that is has the approval of the Dean of the Cathedral. A service is not mandatory, however. 

Who can officiate at an interment?
A duly ordained minister of any recognized Christian denomination religion can perform a service of interment. 

What if there is no church affiliation?
If the deceased has no church affiliation, arrangements can be made with the Manager of the Columbarium, for the services of the Columbarium Chaplain to perform the committal service. Remuneration to the clergy member performing the service will be the responsibility of the persons arranging the committal service. If the deceased has another church affiliation, it will be the responsibility of the deceased's family to obtain the services of their own pastor and advise the Manager of the Columbarium when making the arrangements for the interment. 

Does the family have to deliver the ashes and attend the interment?
This is normally arranged by the funeral home. However if a family already has the urn containing the cremated remains in their possession, they can deliver it directly at the time of the interment. 

Can arrangements be made for music at an interment?
If the family of the deceased have any special requests for hymns or music they should be discussed with the Manager of the Columbarium when making the arrangements for the interment. 

Can there be flowers or other memorabilia at an interment?
Flowers and other memorabilia are allowed in the Columbarium only at the time of interment. The Manager will also accept pre-paid special delivery made by members of the deceased family with prior notification, no other adornments or memorabilia are permitted in the Columbarium at other times. 

Can I place flowers at times after the interment?
Families and friends of anyone interred in the Columbarium can speak with the Manager about making an offering to the Cathedral for the placement of flowers at particular times in the Columbarium. A card would be placed by the Columbarium Manager indicating to whose memory the flowers are offered. Fresh flowers can be brought into the Columbarium by families or friends during the visitation hours of the Columbarium, with the understanding that they will be removed before they wilt. The Manager will also accept pre-paid special delivery made by members of the deceased family with prior notification. 

Is it possible to arrange for private visits to the Columbarium?
The Columbarium has regular times when it is open to the public. Contact the Manager of the Columbarium to arrange for a private visit if these times are not convenient. 

Is the Columbarium accessible?
Yes. The Columbarium is fully accessible.

Is the Columbarium secure?
Yes. It is securely locked when not open to the public, and it has a security and sprinkler system. 

What if I want to cancel my arrangements with the Columbarium?
The Rights Holder(s) may cancel interment arrangements at any time prior to actual interment, may cancel the contract and have the Columbarium Board of Management repurchase the interment rights if the rights have not yet been exercised, subject to the conditions imposed by the Cemeteries Act of Ontario at the time of purchase. 

Can pets be interred in the Columbarium?
No. The Columbarium is a cemetery only for cremated human remains.