Follow the path, one step at a time. Make a prayerful preparation. Stand at the entrance, breathe deeply a few times, relax, and still your mind. Take your shoes off if it helps you feel more grounded. Take your time. Find your own pace. Coordinate your footsteps with your breathing if that helps.

Let go of any expectations you may hold, and observe your experience as it unfolds. You could ask yourself at each turn: "What am I turning away from in my life? What am I turning towards?" You could ask for guidance and insight into a concern of your own, or on behalf of someone else. You could pose a question at the onset. You could fill your mind with prayer, or sing quietly to yourself.

The labyrinth works at the intuitive "soul level" of the mind. Everything that happens is a metaphor, symbolic of something beyond. Remain open to receive subtle images, thoughts memories or flashes of insight. These can be fleeting so it helps sometimes to take paper and pen with you to capture them, and give yourself time after to journal or draw. If you wish to walk in again, feel free to do so