Christ Church Cathedral was constructed in the 1870s. Its stone, plaster and lathe walls have echoed to hundreds of services a year, decade after decade, providing a secure home to ministries that enlighten many lives with the love and hope of God in Christ. Now, those old plaster walls are in need of refreshment and renewal. Our ongoing work of restoring the Cathedral began over 30 years ago, and in that time more than $3.3million has been spent—almost all of it raised through donations. Most recently, the work has focused on major repairs to large sections of the exterior walls, as part of a systematic plan to address the restoration of the masonry of both the Cathedral and Lauder Hall by 2023. That work, begun in 2017, largely solved the problem of moisture seeping in, which allows us finally to undertake the much-needed repair, waterproofing and repainting of all the interior walls of the Cathedral. Because this work will require moving pews and setting up expensive scaffolding, it makes sense to install more effective ceiling fans and paint the floors at the same time. The combined cost of this long-awaited interior project is approximately $122,000—and since 2019 is the 122nd anniversary of the designation of Christ Church as the Cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, we’re naming this fundraising drive Restoration 122.  

Your donation to Restoration 122 will help fund the repairing, waterproofing and repainting of the Cathedral’s inside walls, the repainting of its floors and the installation of new ceiling fans. If the goal of $122,000 is surpassed, we will be able to fund essential restoration work on the frame of the beautiful sesquicentennial window this year. We warmly encourage you to give generously to Restoration 122.  

David and Peggy Morgan
Co-Chairs of Restoration 122